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Having trouble sticking with that New Year's health resolution you made? You are not alone; research  by the fitness platform Strava indicates that nearly 80% of those who resolve to improve their health and fitness in the new year abandon their goal by mid-January[1]. Experts [2] agree that the key to success is setting a goal that is both specific and attainable; so we have rounded up three of the most common resolutions to show you how a plan powered by olive oil can help you be healthier in 2021.

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Resolution #1: Lose Weight 

From low fat, to plant based to Keto, there are thousands of diet plans that can help you shed unwanted pounds, especially the dreaded quarantine 15. But only one of them, the Mediterranean Diet, has been recognized as the healthiest diet overall by the US News and World Report for four consecutive years [3]. Olive oil is a key component of the plan, and studies [4] have shown that medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in the oil play a crucial role in helping maintain a healthy body weight. MCT's have also been shown [5] to release higher levels of hormones that suppress appetite, making you feel full, longer. 

Resolution #2: Eat Healthier

Eating healthier in the new year does not have to mean completely changing your eating habits; just add a little extra virgin olive oil to your daily routine. EVOO is a powerhouse with antioxidants and polyphenols that lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke [6]. It has been shown to lower LDL levels and improve HDL levels [7]. 

Working more olive oil into your every day can be as easy as consuming a half tablespoon. Looking for some more savory ways to get your olive oil in? Then check out these 5 fast olive oil fixes. From breakfast smoothies to decadent desserts, there are plenty of ways to enjoy EVOO. 

Resolution#3: Get in Shape

While a bottle of olive oil could make a pretty good substitute for a hand weight, consuming more olive oil is actually more effective for helping you stay in shape. Olive oil is naturally rich in monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), which stimulate protein production on the cellular level [8]. This helps rebuild muscle after tough workouts. As an added benefit, these MUFAs also help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood, which promotes greater cardiovascular health. Olive oil has also been shown to have powerful anti-inflammation properties [9] due to the high levels of oleocanthal, a strong antioxidant. 

No matter whether your goal is to run your fastest 5k or make healthier home cooked meals, a little bit of "liquid gold" can help you be a goal-getter in the new year!



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