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The North American Olive Oil Association is a trade association that promotes the consumption of olive oil and seeks government enforcement of quality and labeling requirements for olive oil. The NAOOA's two primary programs are two industry-wide quality control programs and a public relations program.

The NAOOA keeps you informed on issues relating to the olive oil industry through bulletins, its monthly update and its web site.
NAOOA conducts two meetings per year at which a great deal of industry statistics and other information is distributed.
The NAOOA works on the olive oil industry's behalf on legislative and regulatory issues.
Membership in the NAOOA gives your company increased recognition in the U.S. food trade and gives your company membership in the Association of Food Industries, a 100-year-old trade association representing the U.S. food import industry. NAOOA members receive all the benefits of membership in AFI. NAOOA members can take advantage of AFl's arbitration service for the resolution of commercial disputes.
The NAOOA's professional staff is on call to answer issues of concern to you and your company.
Members of the NAOOA are eligible to participate in the Quality Seal Program.



Featured Resource

Members of the olive oil trade will benefit from reading the NAOOA's Consumer's Guide to Olive Oil. By downloading our guide you'll be prepared to answer consumer questions about olive oil.

In this document, you can learn more about: 

  • Olive Oil Grades
  • Health Benefits of Olive Oil
  • How Olive Oil is Made
  • Olive Oil Affordability and Versatility
  • Cooking with Olive Oil at Any Temperature
  • Olive Oil Sustainability
  • Frequently Asked Questions  

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