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The NAOOA strives to represent all segments of the olive oil industry and to consider all points of view. The NAOOA is pleased to announce that several of the newly-approved NAOOA members will help the association better reflect the growing gender diversity in the olive oil world. Indeed, if these members are looking for a role model, they need look no further than Mouna Aissaoui, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Pompeian who has served as Vice-Chair of the NAOOA Executive Committee since 2021, paving the way for leaders of tomorrow.  

Below are brief biographies of the women owners and leaders representing these new NAOOA members whose collective voices are already making an impact on the association. 

Tabatá Brand

Ginevra Iris, the owner of Tabatá Oil from Italy, has started an innovative family business together with her mother, uncle Roberto and grandparents to revive the olive oil making tradition that runs in her family. Inspired by the sun, wind, fragrances, colors and flavors of her Calabrian homeland, Ginevra set out on a journey to the very roots of her family history, bringing a legacy of knowledge and values back to life with Tabatá Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Tabatá olive oil has received certification of Slow Food and  the 3 leaf Award from Gamerbo Rosso.

Website | Instagram

ginvevra iris
Ginevra Iris, Founder and Owner

Casas de Hualdo

Casas de Hualdo, North America is a subsidiary of Casas de Hualdo, Spain. The nearly 10,000 acre estate is located in the Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain. The company produces award winning olive oil using sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Maria Reyes, formerly Director of Category Management at KeHE Distributors,  is North American Vice President. She is responsible for all that is related to managing the company and building the brand here in the US market.

Website | Instagram

maria reyes 2
Maria Reyes, North American Vice President

Castillo de Canena

Rosa Vañó's family has been producing olive oil in Andalucia, Spain since 1780. The company takes its name from the family castle nestled in the hills of the township of Canena, in Jaen. Rosa took the helm as co-owner of the family company with her brother in 2003 after leaving a career as an executive at Coca-Cola. She now dedicates herself to producing the best olive oils in the world. Castillo de Canena is now in more than 50 countries all around the world, and their EVOOs and special infused oils are sold in the US Market since 2006.

Website | Instagram

rosa vano
Rosa Vañó, Co-owner

Clever Harvest

Clever Harvest, based in California, was founded in 2021 by Soraya Hosni Gonzales, a farmer, anthropologist, and entrepreneur. The start-up is dedicated to finding solutions to the gaps in agricultural supply chains through technology. The software developed supports quality control, optimized production, traceability and access to markets. The company has forged valuable connections in the olive oil, coffee, cacao, and avocado industries in pursuit of building a clever community.

Website | Instagram

Soraya Hosni, Co-founder and co-owner

Emblem Olive Oil

Emblem Olive Oil brand of U.S. produced olive oils was founded by Chasity Pritchett in 2019. The company is on a mission to bring the health benefit and exquisite flavor of U.S. olive oil, which Chasity calls "fruit medicine" to diverse communities across the country. Emblem Olive Oil specializes in quality and trusted extra virgin and infused olive oil to help get people excited to cook healthier home-cooked meals. 

Website | Instagram

chastity pritchett
Chasity Pritchett, Founder and Owner

Extra Virgin Alliance

Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne is an international olive oil consultant, writer, and educator, and the co-founder of Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA). She has been involved in organizing and teaching olive oil courses at domestic and international venues since 2004 and serves as a judge and advisor at numerous olive oil competitions in the U.S. and abroad. Among her publications is the reference book Olive Oil: A Field Guide. Alexandra will serve as director of the NAOOA's Extra Virgin Alliance Specialty Olive Oil Section.

Website | Facebook

Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne, Co-founder

McEvoy Ranch

Nan McEvoy founded McEvoy Ranch in 1990 with the goal of producing the world’s best olive oil in California. Following its female founder, the company continues to have a strong legacy of female leadership and women-led operations, including the President, Samantha Dorsey, who has worked at the Ranch for over 20 years, Chief Marketing Officer, Kym Hough, and many others.

Website | Instagram

samantha dorsey
Samantha Dorsey, President

Yanni’s Olive Grove

Yanni’s Olive Grove is a woman-owned and woman-led businesses family company located in Greece, producing early harvest EVOOs and olive food products. Evi Psounou Prodromou is the co-owner and managing director of the company and her daughter Sofia is the food chemist and Lab Manager/R&D Department officer. 

Website | Facebook

Evi Psounou Prodromou
Evi Psounou Prodromou, Co-owner and Managing Director


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