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It's almost the end of the 2017. Thank you for reading our blog and following our social media posts.  Here are the top 10 posts from our blog.

  1. Understanding Cooking Oil Smoke Points
    Everything you know about smoke points is wrong. Smoke points are more than just a simple number. Read on to learn why.
  2. Olive Oil Purity v Quality
    There are two types of olive oil fraud. Learn the difference between olive oil purity and olive oil quality and how to find a good olive oil.
  3. Can you reuse olive oil?
    Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil can be used for pan and deep frying. So, what happens when you have lots of olive oil left over in the pan after you’re done cooking?
  4. Myth- the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fridge Test
    An often perpetuated myth related to olive oil is the “Fridge Test” - a supposedly simple home test for olive oil authenticity. If only it were that easy! This “test” unfortunately, is completely false and misleading. Read on to see why even the rumor-mongers are confused on this one.
  5. Coconut oil is not a good replacement for olive oil
    Recent research study finds, "It would be dangerous, and rather silly, to replace your extra-virgin olive oil with coconut oil."
  6. Olive oil extraction
    Contrary to popular belief, olive oil is not typically "pressed". Rather, the oil is extracted from olives using modern equipment. Contemporary olive oil extraction processes result in higher quality olive oil and better yields from the fruit. Read on to learn more about how olive oil is extracted.
  7. Olive Oil vs. Canola Oil
    Both olive oil and canola oil contain a high percentage of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs).  Both oils are considered heart healthy, but are they both equally good for you? Lets compare the two oils.
  8. What is "pure" or "classic" olive oil?
    Sometimes referred to as regular olive oil, "classic" olive oil or just olive oil -- pure olive oil is 100% authentic olive oil that has many of the same health benefits as extra-virgin olive oil at a lower cost. Here are some facts about pure olive oil.
  9. What happens when you heat olive oil?
    Some people believe that you should not heat olive oil. They erroneously believe that olive oil, when heated, loses its health benefits. 
  10. 19 Olive Oil Brands Certified for Purity and Quality
    We are pleased to release an updated list of NAOOA Certified Olive Oils for 2017. The olive oils on this list have been recently tested for purity and quality and meet the standards set by the International Olive Council.

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