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European olive oil has been placed on a list of retaliatory tariffs by the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). Because there’s no viable alternative to European olive oil, either in terms of volume or flavor profile and quality, this tariff will dramatically raise prices for American consumers.

The North American Olive Oil Association is working with two key U.S. Congressmen, Democrat Bill Pascrell (NJ) and Republican Jodey Arrington (TX) to write a letter asking the USTR to remove olive oil from the retaliatory tariff list. But we need your help.  The next step is to get other Representatives to support the Pascrell-Arrington letter.  Some have already agreed, including Representatives Josh Gottheimer (NJ), Anthony Brindisi (NY), and Dutch Ruppersberger (MD).  If your Representative is not listed above, whether you are concerned as a consumer, employee, manager and/or owner, please take ten minutes and follow these steps: 

  1. Find your Representative by entering your home or work address here:

    Call the phone number listed for the Representative. Introduce yourself, say you are a constituent calling about the proposed olive oil tariffs, and ask to speak with the advisor for trade policy.

    If connected with the trade policy advisor, ask if Representative [NAME] would please support the Pascrell-Arrington letter opposing tariffs on olive oil, and offer to email the Pascrell-Arrington letter to them. Also, feel free to explain the issue briefly and how it affects you as either a consumer, employee or an owner, e.g.: the United States lacks an alternative supply to European olive oil; 100% duties would double already expensive olive oil prices for consumers, grocers, food manufacturers, restaurants, and many others; this will devastate businesses; this will put jobs at risk; and do damage to Americans’ health. The Arrington-Pascrell letter will help remove the threat of olive oil tariffs. 

    If the trade policy advisor is unavailable, ask for his or her email address. Send the advisor an email asking for help opposing olive oil tariffs by supporting the Pascrell-Arrington letter, explain why it is important to you, and attach the PDF of the letter (click here to download the PDF).

    Please let us know whom you contact so we can track the outreach by sending a note to or replying to this message.

Time is of the essence.  Congress will leave for summer recess after Friday, so please make your call today! 

For more information on this issue, please view this video.

Thank you again for your help on this critical issue. 

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