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olive oil for pets (Custom)

While the benefits of olive oil consumption for humans are well documented, what you may not realize is that nature's "liquid gold" can be equally good for man's best friend. That's right, olive oil can work wonders for our canine and feline companions, helping them live longer and better lives, naturally. Getting your pet to consume olive oil is a snap too; simply drizzle a little on top of their food.

Here are our top 5 reasons to incorporate olive oil into your dog or cat's diet. 

5. Healthier Skin & Coat: Loaded with vitamin E, omega 3's and phytonutrients like oleuropein, olive oil will keep your pet's coat lustrous and strong. The polyphenols present in EVOO also exhibit  anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that reduce dry and flaky skin and restore moisture. 

4. Better Weight Management: Extra pounds on your pet can put them at risk for joint problems and heart disease; the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil can help manage their weight. The MUFAs jumpstart weight loss by breaking down the fat in fat cells and reducing belly fat. Conversely, if your pet is underweight or suffering from loss of appetite, a little bit of olive oil can liven up even the driest kibble. 

3. Immunity Boost: Olive oil packs a plant based punch for your pet's health. EVOO's antioxidants help protect cell membranes from damage by free radicals; a build up of which could lead to illnesses like dementia and tissue disease.  These antioxidants improve immune response too, helping your pet fight off infections. 

2. Joint Health: Much like their pet parents, our favorite four legged friends can enjoy much better joint health with a little olive oil. Along with antioxidants, the oleic acid present in olive oil creates an anti-inflammatory effect, which can make a big difference in pain management for pets suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. This all natural solution is great for pets who may be sensitive to medications. 

1. Cardiovascular Health: With copious amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants, olive oil can help lower cholesterol and improve circulation; a major boon for your pet's heart health. Dietary supplements with these properties can be pricey and olive oil will give you a natural, cost-effective way to protect your pet. 

Keep in mind that because olive oil is calorically dense, it should also be used in moderate amounts; just a teaspoon a day for dogs and up to 3 teaspoons per week for cats. There is no need to buy anything special, you can use what you use for your own cooking. You can feed them either olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. 

From monounsaturated fats that help improve cholesterol and fight heart disease to antioxidants that prevent cognitive and age-related conditions, olive oil can help improve your pet's overall health. Plus, it also provides an excellent spot remedy for typical pet issues, including reducing frequency of hairballs and relieving digestive upset. Taken together with it's all natural pedigree and easy accessibility, EVOO is the purrfect addition to your pet's daily routine. 




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