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The FDA recommends consuming 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day. Most people meet this requirement by cooking with olive oil or drizzling it on their dishes, but some people choose to consume it all at once -- in a shot. Drinking olive oil straight may sound like an eccentric health fad, but the truth is, many in Mediterranean countries swear by the practice as an elixir of health. Recently, however, it seems it is becoming a trend in the U.S.  due to some celebrities who swear that extra virgin olive oil is the key to their health.

Goldie Hawn drinks two tablespoons of olive oil before bed, and uses it to massage her face to keep her skin looking young and healthy.

Kourtney Kardashian drinks a tablespoon of olive oil every other day, according to her website, Poosh, where she extolls the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. 


Dr. Drew Ramsey, clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, believes that the best way to enjoy olive oil’s health benefits is simply by drinking a shot glass. He convinced Carson Daly on the Today show to drink a shot of extra virgin olive oil while Savannah Guthrie and Hota Kotb looked on. 

Selena Gomez reportedly drinks a small glass of olive oil before going onstage - a trick that she learned from Kelly Clarkson. 

Screenwriter and producer Shonda Rhimes credits Beyoncé for her new habit of drinking olive oil daily. Beyoncé's enjoys drinking extra virgin olive oil so much that she even invested in an olive oil company that sells their oil with a small shot glass to allow you to savor the flavor of the oil.

Is it safe to drink olive oil?

Yes! According to Healthline, some who live in the Mediterranean drink ¼ cup of olive oil daily. Drinking olive oil is a long-standing practice in Mediterranean countries where olive oil is a staple. 

What are the benefits to drinking olive oil?

Aside from the well know heart-healthy benefits, drinking olive oil can offer the following health benefits:

  • Drinking olive oil may relieve constipation. Multiple studies have found that consuming olive oil works as a stool softener
  • Olive oil can sooth an upset stomach, reduce gas and heartburn.
  • Drinking olive oil can aid with weight loss. Even though olive oil is calorie-dense, it has been found to suppress the appetite and regulate blood sugar. A shot of olive oil can help prevent you from a sugar crash that has you reaching for unhealthy snacks. 
  • Olive oil has been shown to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Some compounds in olive oil have anti-inflammatory effects, including oleocanthal. This compound may offer pain relief effects similar to those of over-the-counter medications.

Finally, drinking olive oil allows you to really taste the olive oil. Drinking olive oil raw, without food, lets the flavor really shine. You will discover that extra virgin olive oils are like wines, each with a flavor profile and qualities to love.

drinking olive oil-1-op

How to get started drinking olive oil

Start small.  Start with a teaspoon or tablespoon and work your way up to a quantity that feels good to you. 

Choose a high quality olive oil. Flavor matters!  When it comes to olive oils, the more flavor, the more potential health benefits.  But again, it might be best to start slowly with a good quality, gentle- flavored extra virgin olive oil until you get accustomed to stronger flavors.  Olive oil tastes best when its fresh, so buy a bottle that you can consume within a month.

Choose a vessel. You may enjoy the experience more if you make it more of a ritual... put the oil into a small special glass, and be sure to savor the aroma prior to drinking it. Give it a good sniff! Our sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of what we taste. 

Feel the burn. High-quality, fresh, extra virgin olive oil is packed with polyphenols. These healthy compounds will cause your throat to tingle and may burn a little. This is a good thing! It's normal to cough, and in fact, premium olive oils are often characterized as one-cough, two-cough or three-cough oil.

If you just can't get behind this trend, there is no need to worry. In truth, you can enjoy the health benefits just as well by using olive oil in your cooking and as a condiment to finish your dishes. The point is to get your 2 tablespoons a day. Some recommendations for people who don't want to drink olive oil:

  • Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your morning smoothie.
  • Drizzle olive oil over roasted vegetables, soups and pasta.
  • Add a tablespoon to yogurt or oatmeal.
  • Use olive oil in place of butter when baking.

Whether you want to follow the latest celebrity trend or not, there’s no doubt that extra virgin olive oil has some incredible health benefits. So, if you’re looking for a way to incorporate more olive oil into your diet, downing a shot glass might be the way to go.

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