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Busting Myths about Olive Oil


There are still many myths about olive oil floating around the internet. See if you can guess if the statements below are true or false. 

True or False

1. As much as 80% of the olive oil in today's market is fake.

- False. Testing data supports conclusion that 98% of olive oil in today's market is authentic. 

2. You can test the authenticity of extra virgin olive oil, by placing it in the fridge. If it solidifies, it's good quality. 

- False. There is no home test. The fridge test is certainly not accurate in any way.

3. The greener the color, the higher the quality of the olive oil.

- False. Color is not in any way an indication of the quality of the olive oil. The things that determine color are the types of olives used and the harvest cycle.

4. Light olive oil contains fewer calories than other olive oils.

- False. All olive oils contain the same number of calories. All oils contain the same calories per serving.

5. All oils contain the same number of calories per serving.

- True. All oils, like avocado, coconut, canola, sunflower, they all contain the same number of calories per serving.

6. When you heat extra virgin olive oil, it loses its health benefits. It should only be used raw.

- False. You can safely cook with extra virgin olive oil. You can heat up all forms of olive oil and they retain their many health benefits.

7. To maintain quality, olive oil should be stored in a cool dark place.

- True. Natural enemies of olive oil which can cause it to oxidize are HOLA:  Heat, Oxygen, Light and Age. 

8. Like a fine wine, olive oil, only gets better with time.

- False. Olive oil if handled properly will last about 2 years from bottling.  Once you open a bottle of olive oil, you should try to use it within two or three months. 


Watch the full quiz below as created by vlogger Aneela Maharaj from Eating to Live channel.


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