Olive Oil Storing & Handling

While the complex flavor attributes of olive oil often draw parallels to wine, one critical difference between olive oil and wine is that olive oil does NOT get better with age!

In order to keep your olive oil at its best, it is very important to handle and store it properly. Even a fantastic olive oil will go bad when it is mishandled.

The four enemies of olive oil (and really any cooking oil) are heat, oxygen, light, and age (HOLA). 

Heat - Store olive oil away from major heat sources, like the stove or oven.

Oxygen - Always store olive oil in a bottle with a cap or seal, as air exposure can affect taste.

Light - Store olive oil away from windows and fluorescent lighting.

Age - Shelf life for olive oil is no more than two years from bottling. 


Here are some handy Do's and Don'ts for olive oil care


Do: Don't:
Store olive oil in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or pantry Store olive oil next to or above the stove where heat will affect even a dark bottle or tin. Also note the top of the fridge is often warm from the components working to keep the inside cool, so this is not a good place either.
Use small decanters or containers for tabletop use rather than a large container or bottle. Store pretty bottles of olive oil permanently on the table or on the kitchen windowsill.
Keep the cap securely closed when not in use. Leave a pour spout on the bottle if the opening can't be sealed. Allowing continuous exposure to air will promote oxidation that leads to rancidity.

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