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Goya Foods, Inc

Founded in 1936 by Spanish immigrants, Goya Foods, Inc. is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States and the premier source for authentic Latin cuisine. Combined with authentic ingredients, robust seasonings, and convenient preparation, Goya provides consumers with over 2,500 high-quality and affordable food products from the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Central and South America. From day one, GOYA® Olive Oil has been an integral ingredient in our company. When it comes to our production process, our team still applies the same strategy and formula that our founder Don Prudencio Unanue used, which is based not only on quality first, but also on the value of creating products with love and passion.

Certified Olive Oils

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil
goya evoo
(Since 2016)
Goya Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
goya organic
(Since 2018)
Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil
goya unico
(Since 2016)
Goya Puro Olive Oil
goya puro
(Since 2016)
Goya Light-Tasting Olive Oil
goya light
(Since 2018)

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