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Tierra Callada


Jaén, Spain

Tierra Callada was founded in 2014 with one foot in Jaen, Spain, and the other in New York in the United States of America. It was born with a clear mission statement: to promote culture of the EVOO by launching and selling a premium product. Supported by a new generation of Spanish olive oil masters milling, producers and farmers, Tierra Callada promotes a new vision, in which the quality and enhancement of the olive oil are the center of the universe.

When at Tierra Callada we say we are devoted to promote the EVOO culture it is not an empty phrase or wishful thinking. It is an attitude that includes not only the commitment of providing you a premium extra virgin olive oil, but also a determination to explain, advocate and promote the culture around the virgin olive oil. By promoting this treasure through tastings sessions, word of mouth, and our blog ... we aim to be honest EVOO ambassadors. Our mission is not just to sell the best extra virgin oil, it is also to enhance and communicate this culture.


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