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Marques De Valdueza


Madrid, Spain

“Marqués de Valdueza” is far more than a brand. It is the title of the patriarch of the Álvarez de Toledo family, whose over 1000-year history makes it one of Europe’s oldest noble families. The family has been producing our internationally recognized olive oils on their Perales de Valdueza estate since 1624. Thanks to our long history, we have combined time-honored tradition and farming methods with cutting-edge technological innovation. The result has been olive oils whose organoleptic, health, and culinary attributes have improved harvest after harvest in an ongoing effort to produce the best olive oil our land can offer.

Our oils are the fruit of the countryside, first cultivated by Romans over 2000 years ago. On the Perales de Valdueza estate, we grow Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, and Morisca olive varietals. Our oils, which were conceived as “chef’s oils”, are a blend of these four varietals, which are tweaked each year in an attempt to maintain the taste profile that chefs have come to expect from our oils. More than just a cooking medium, olive oil is a condiment that adds flavor to a dish. We want chefs to know what to expect when they include Marqués de Valdueza in their palette of tastes in the kitchen. Likewise, professional chefs to home cooks around the world can rely on the consistent quality of Marqués de Valdueza to add vitality and flavor to their culinary creations.

The quality of the olive oils produced at one of Spain’s most modern mills in the center of the marquis’s olive groves is maintained by a series of carefully written protocols that preserve the health of the fruit and the attributes of the oil. Many excellent oils the world over can use similar protocols, but what many do not have are the generations of families who form the Marqués de Valdueza community.

Today, four and five generations of agricultural and mill workers join the marquis and his family to produce our oils. While these families no longer live on the Perales de Valdueza estate as they did only a few decades ago, they are part of the timeless, local community that lives to preserve the environment and their way of life. These both are considered the heritage that everyone involved in our production knows they are leaving to future generations.

Marqués de Valdueza prides itself on its dedication to the well-being of the families and the community that makes our products possible. Our integrated, zero-residue production methods are respectful of the environment and are designed to preserve the health of the land that has provided a livelihood to so many families for centuries so that it can continue to do so for centuries to come.

When you purchase our olive oil, you are not only buying an excellent product, but you are investing in our community and helping us maintain the profitability and health of the Spanish countryside.

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