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Manfredi Barbera USA, Corp

Manfredi Barbera

Sicily, Italy

“Manfredi Barbera & Figli S.p.A.", mother company of Manfredi Barbera USA, Corp., founded in Sicily in 1894 by Lorenzo Barbera, is today one of the most internationally renowned olive-mills. Love for their land and passion merge with the most advanced technology to create unique products with exclusive Packaging that have become true ambassadors of Sicilian quality worldwide. Today the company is the beating heart of the Manfredi Barbera Group, controlling the other six companies, each of which has its own specific operating area.

The registered office and commercial offices are located in the historic Benso Palace in Palermo while the main plant is located in Custonaci, in the province of Trapani. Other production sites are located in Castelvetrano (TP), Sciacca (AG), Motta S. Anastasia (CT),Buccheri (SR), and Mistretta (ME). In 2018, a major new branch was opened in the United States — Manfredi Barbera USA, Corp. — to monitor the vast American market in a careful and timely manner. The production site in Custonaci was built and equipped with technologically advanced production systems and is divided into four main operating units: Experimental Mill, Bulk E.V.O.O. Storage Area, Bottling Room and Finished Product Warehouse. The experimental mill, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, is a revolutionary system with research and experimentation being its strong point. Selection, cleaning and pressing of the olives take place in an outdoor area so as to keep the internal area where the oil is extracted uncontaminated. As regards pressing of the olives, no other company anywhere in the world can boast five different olive milling systems: crushing with discs, hammers, opposing stone rollers, pitting and discs and hammers working in parallel. The bulk E.V.O.O. storage area is entirely temperature controlled and houses large tanks in which olive oil is kept under nitrogen to prevent oxidation. The storage capacity is 2,700 tons. The bottling area consists of 4 automated lines, each dedicated to packaging olive oil in tins, glass and ceramic bottles. Packaging productivity exceeds 9,000 bottles per hour and 1,000 tins per hour. The temperature in the finished product warehouse is kept at 18°C year-round, thus ensuring the ideal environment for storing oil.


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