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Filatra, Messinia,Greece

Our history begins multiple generations ago in a small village called Kaliroi, in the mountainous region of Peloponnesus, Greece.  With the aroma of olives and oregano, this extraordinary region is still home to our family`s historic orchards that date back hundreds of years.  Our grandfather, Nick Gotsis, departed Kaliroi in 1914 to America and arrived at Ellis Island in the Spring and immediately began working in different parts of the country.  He eventually traveled West to Los Angeles, California where he worked at the local vegetable terminal market.  In 1920, he was offered and accepted a job to manage a vegetable farm in Sinaloa, Mexico.  Then in 1921, Nick founded his own farm and for more than 100 years, our family has grown and packed vegetables for export to the USA.  During this time, we yearn for the flavor of authentic Greek olive oil and related products. 

For many years we traveled to Kaliroi and we would bring back small samples to share with family and friends.  These gifts were always a hit!  So in 2019 we decided to launch Manamu, as distributors of Greek olive oil, olives, oregano and sea salt emphasizing on freshness and authencity of our products and showcasing our family`s passion for promoting premium Greek products.  By doing so, we have built a loyal customer base that values the unique flavors and traditions of our beloved Greece. 


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