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Bonolio S.R.L

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Sicilia, Italy

Our people and brand: Bonolio s.r.l. is driven by a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to producing the finest extra virgin olive oil. Founded by the Bono family, our company has deep roots in the olive oil industry, with expertise passed down through generations. Our commitment to quality and tradition shines through in every bottle we produce. 

Company History: The Bono family's olive oil business began in 1934 in Sciacca, Sicily, under the leadership of Michele Bono. In the late 1950s, Vincenzo Bono, driven by a passion for tradition and deep knowledge of his region's produce, expanded the business. He initially supplied local olive oil companies and later collaborated with larger Italian firms in the olive oil packaging sector, supplying them with Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil by the late 1960s. Under Vincenzo's guidance, the company flourished, solidifying its position in the production and packaging of Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Bono brothers—Michele, Damiano, Giuseppe, and Salvatore— in their third generation continue this legacy, achieving significant milestones both domestically and internationally with the invaluable support of their mother, Carmelina.

Agricultural, Environmental and Social Commitment: At Bonolio Srl, sustainable agricultural practices are a top priority. We manage our olive groves with care to protect the environment and preserve the natural landscape. Our eco-friendly methods include organic farming, efficient water use, and biodiversity conservation. Additionally, we strive to minimize waste and energy consumption in our production processes. Socially, we are deeply embedded in our community. We provide fair wages and support local economies by sourcing materials and services from nearby businesses.


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