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Mis Raices


Oliete, Teruel, Spain

We are the descendants of generations of olive growers from Oliete, Teruel. We originally used the olive oil we produced for our families, like most people in the region. 

We continue the tradition of taking care of our olive grove as a hobby. Our greatest pleasure comes from being outdoors with family and doing hard physical work, much in the same way our grandparents did. The best moment is the harvesting, a moment when we disconnect from the pressure of our professions and modern-day life. It is a moment to connect with our roots. 

Our oil comes exclusively from fields in Bajo Aragon, where the origins of olive production can be traced as far back as Roman times. Some of Spain's oldest millenary olive trees can be found in this region.

Bajo Aragon is one of the most favorable parts of the world for olive cultivation. The combination of climatic conditions and the unique characteristics of the Empeltre olive variety--exclusively cultivated in the area--produce an admiringly high-quality olive oil. In such landscapes, we find the village of Oliete. The latin word Olivatum means olive grove or land of olive trees and is also where our family descends, as previously stated. Unfortunately, despite the exceptional quality of our olive oil, the cultivation of olive groves has steadily declined for many years due to low profitability. Currently, through calculation, an estimate of 100,000 uncultivated olive trees exist. 

Low profitability can be reversed through hard work, and Mis Raices participates through work to regenerate and promote their region and allow this hidden treasure's discovery.

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